The Art of Chess
Like Never Before

Dive into the fascinating world of chess champions and their strategies with our unique 3D heatmaps.

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About The Project

Welcome to "The Chess Art", an innovative data project lovingly developed by Scope, a forward-thinking digital agency. This project is where the grandeur of chess meets the prowess of big data, with visual arts and cutting-edge web technologies.

Our strength lies in harnessing our software and design expertise, fusing it seamlessly with big data, to generate insightful and impactful projects. Our focus primarily spans the spheres of sports and health, where we believe data can redefine the way we perceive and interact with these domains.

With "The Chess Art", we aim to change the way we view and appreciate the game of chess. Our goal is simple - use the power of modern web technologies to help people understand the deep strategies in chess. We want to show that chess isn't just a game, it's a difficult sport with complex battles at its heart. So come on in, learn something new, and experience chess in a way you never thought possible. Explore, learn, and enjoy the art of chess like never before.



Experience a unique way of analyzing chess strategies. Our platform gives you a fresh perspective on the world's greatest grandmasters' tactics, brought to life by innovative 3D heatmaps. Leveraging a comprehensive pool of historical matches, we empower users to interactively dissect the most renowned games, uncovering patterns and strategies with unparalleled depth. Our heatmaps are born from meticulous analysis of a vast collection of games from each grandmaster, illustrating the frequency of each square's usage on the board.

This approach shines a light on the preferred strategies and patterns of these exceptional players, offering an insightful exploration of their masterful plays. With immense respect for the grandmasters, we aim to create a tool that mirrors our deep appreciation for their skill and the complexity of chess. Through this project, we offer chess enthusiasts a unique and immersive journey into the art of chess, as never seen before.

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We invite you to step into the world of the grandmasters, a realm marked by deep strategical prowess and unparalleled dedication. Join us in celebrating their journey, unraveling their strategies, and appreciating the life-long passion that's etched in each move they make on the chessboard.

Dive into this unique opportunity to not just learn, but to feel the rhythm of the grandmasters' gameplay, and to comprehend the depth of their strategic thought process. Uncover their story, their approach to the game, and the distinctive style that sets them apart.

This is more than just an analytical tool. It's a bridge connecting you to the legends of chess, an invitation to appreciate their contribution to this enduring game, and an opportunity to be inspired by their brilliance. Embark on this enlightening journey and let the grandmasters guide you through the art of chess like never before.



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