What is a heatmap?
A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where values are depicted by color. Typically, cooler colors represent lower values while warmer colors represent higher values. In the context of our website, we use heatmaps to represent the frequency of moves made to different squares on the chessboard by world champions. This allows you to easily visualize which areas of the board are most commonly engaged during the games and can provide insights into different strategies and playstyles.
How do you create the heatmaps?
Our heatmaps are created by processing a large dataset containing numerous chess games played by each world champion. We analyze each move and increment the count for the squares that are being used. Once all the data is processed, we represent this information visually by assigning colors to each square on a chessboard based on how frequently it was landed on. The squares with the most frequent usage are represented with hotter colors, while less frequented squares are cooler in color.
Who are the chess champions featured on this site?
Our site features all the official world chess champions, dating back from Wilhelm Steinitz who became the first official world champion in 1886, through to the current champion. This range of champions provides a rich set of data and lets you observe how chess strategies have evolved over time and see the diverse playing styles of different champions.
Can I use your heatmaps for my own analysis or share them on my site?
You are welcome to use our heatmaps for personal analysis and educational purposes. If you wish to share them on your website, use them in a publication, or for any commercial purposes, we kindly ask that you contact us for permissions and guidelines. We are happy to support the chess community and want to ensure that our content is used responsibly and with proper attribution.
How often is the data updated on this site?
Our data is updated periodically to include the most recent games and information about the world chess champions. The frequency of updates depends on various factors, such as the availability of new data and major chess events. We recommend checking our Blog/News section for updates or subscribing to our newsletter to be notified of new content and features.
Is this site free to use?
Yes, our site is entirely free to use. Our mission is to foster a love for chess and data analysis across the global community. We believe that sharing insights into the brilliant strategies of world champions can inspire both aspiring players and chess enthusiasts alike. In the future, we may consider introducing advanced features which might be part of a premium offering, but the core functionalities and heatmaps will remain free for all users.
I have a suggestion for a new feature or improvement. How can I share it?
We greatly value the feedback and suggestions from our users. If you have an idea for a new feature, an improvement, or if you have spotted something that needs correction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Page. We're committed to continually improving our site and providing valuable content, and your insights play an essential role in helping us achieve this goal.