About Us

Welcome to our unique project where big data meets the art of chess.

Sport and Data Enthusiasts: At Scope, we have a deep-seated fascination with the confluence of sports and data. We believe that the two intersect to create a rich tapestry of insights and patterns that are waiting to be explored. It's this passion that led us to 'The Chess Art' - an endeavor to translate the elegance of chess into the language of data.
Lovers of Web Technologies: Our team takes pride in our proficiency in harnessing the power of web technologies. We use these tools not just as a means to an end, but as a canvas to paint our vision. 'The Chess Art' leverages these technologies to provide an interactive, immersive experience, transforming how chess is understood and appreciated.
Artistry in Data: Following the success of our data project in football, we are now extending our artistic lens to the world of chess. We believe in the potency of blending art with science - the result being a platform that's just as much an exhibit of creativity as it is a source of profound insights. 'The Chess Art' is our tribute to the game's rich history, and a testament to the beauty that emerges when art and data collide.

The Project

At Scope, our intrigue with the complexity and nuances of various sports, especially chess, led us to an intriguing question:

Could we visualize the patterns of the world’s greatest players?

Our fondness for cutting-edge web technologies and data analysis provided us with the perfect medium to explore this query. With a love for art as our guiding principle, we embarked on our second data project after football, firmly positioning us at the intersection of sports data and visual innovation.

The journey brought us face-to-face with fascinating challenges - developing a WebGL-powered interface capable of crafting 3D heatmaps, designing a robust database model to manage historical match data, and devising methodologies to generate heatmaps that blend accuracy with visual appeal. It's through these pursuits that our labor of love, 'The Chess Art,' was born. A unique platform that allows chess enthusiasts, learners, and fans to explore the styles and strategies of chess champions like never before.

The Algorithm

When creating our heatmaps, we interpret the positions on the chess board in numerous ways. This approach allows us to generate a variety of heatmaps, each revealing different patterns and strategies used by the world champions. Our goal is to provide a unique and intuitive interface that allows users to analyze these diverse heatmaps. Through this method, we transform massive game data into dynamic, interactive visualizations, opening a fresh perspective in the world of chess analysis.

As a team passionate about using cutting-edge digital solutions to bring new perspectives, we've created a platform where the classic game of chess is rediscovered.